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A history of quality

Destriero International was founded in the 90's with the intent of giving a quality support to every company operating in the transport field, thanks to the integration of advanced logistic services, to the complete management of bureaucratic procedures and to the carriers for the international and domestic shipping of goods and documents.

The strategic position, just a few steps away from Milano Malpensa/Cargo City Airport and the huge experience reached over time, make Destriero the ideal partner for the development and coordination of personalized services with a large flexibility and quality, following the latest market evolutions and costumers needs.

Services without borders
International shipping

Scheduled departures from the greatest Italian and foreign ports and airports, for every kind of international shipping, by the management of goods in property warehouses .The offices, placed in the most important ports and airports, guarantee the timing and service optimization.

Domestic transports

Documents and goods managment by specialized operators, able to assist entirely the client, so that the shipments are completely controlled through door to door express services and moreover the warranty of a single and direct interlocutor, for the best reliability.

Management of customs practices

Export and import procedures, simplified by specialized staff, always updated on customs regulations, always updated on the variations of the normatives and on the customs regulations.

Logistic services

Planning, development and management of services tailored for the business logistics; storage and goods handling on national and international territory.

Worldwide network

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